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In a world where almost nothing is certain, this is basically certain: Apple will be having an event on September 10 where the company will announce two new iPhone models. Or so we think.

Despite CEO Tim Cook's pledge to double down on secrecy, it seems like we already know everything about what will be shown: from extremely detailed purported photos and teardowns of the external casing to color options, the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C seem inevitable. The rumors have been fast and furious, and increasingly seem to confirm a similar picture.

If rumors are true, Apple is set to bifurcate the new iPhone lineup into two lines: a more budget-targeted, plastic-backed, candy-colored "5C," and the higher-end iPhone 5S, which looks exactly the same to a casual eye as last year's iPhone 5.
i need it )

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The dreary details differ, but the same theme informs--we're good, they're bad, and dear judge: would you please kneecap these guys for us?

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